Meet The Team

Get to know the dedicated professionals behind Food Ease. Our skilled dietitians bring a wealth of expertise and compassion, committed to helping you achieve peace with food and body.

Emily Edelson, MS, RD (she/her)

My experience as a clinician in eating disorders treatment centers inspired me to establish a private practice where I, alongside other dietitians, could maintain therapeutic relationships established with clients. Drawing from both my public health and nutrition education and lived experience with an eating disorder, I foster deeper connections with my clients, focusing on boundary setting, reducing stress and shame around food, and addressing body image concerns. Embracing the Health at Every Size approach, I prioritize weight-inclusive care, emphasizing health-promoting behaviors rather than restrictive measures. My practice integrates self-talk reframing and body image distress strategies to empower clients to feel at ease with food and their bodies. I advocate for body acceptance, recognizing that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin regardless of size or shape. 


Identifying as queer, mid-sized, and neurodivergent, I acknowledge the importance of these intersecting identities in my work, continually exploring them to better support clients with similar experiences.

Camila Silva MS, RDN (she/her)

Welcome! I’m Camila — a queer, small-fat, and first generation Latina dietitian. I am passionate about inspiring people, building community, and improving healthcare. My niche is the intersection between psychology and nutrition with an emphasis on anti-diet health education and cooking. Not only am I an avid home cook but also, I’ve taught these skills to hundreds of students using budget- and time-friendly recipes. As a woman with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), I’m dedicated to practical nutrition therapy for PCOS and diabetes management without dieting and negative self-talk. I consider myself privileged to support people with their nutrition and well-being. Notably, I have seen many clients benefit from questioning societal norms and adopting intuitive eating and Health at Every Size values. I provide a compassionate, person-centered approach that honors your goals and experience.


When we work together, you can expect a safe, judgment-free space where:
· Eating what you like (that is—enjoyable, accessible, affordable, and cultural) is prioritized,
· Mental health is considered, and
· Your strengths are emphasized.

Jodi Newman, RD (she/her)

Hi and Welcome. My name is Jodi Newman. I am a Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping others heal their relationships with food, body, mind, and soul through a non-diet approach to nutrition. I work through a lens of mindfulness and my values align with Health at Every Size (HAES) and The Principles of Intuitive Eating frameworks.

I have a compassionate and non-judgmental approach that allows meeting clients where they are in the moment to best support their journey to recovery. I help people reconnect to their body’s needs with self-compassion based techniques while letting go of feelings of guilt and shame related to food and body.

Over the years, I have learned that listening to my clients, being compassionate, and having empathy are key factors in building trust and rapport for the necessary foundation to help them overcome eating disorders. I have extensive experience working with all ages and genders at the Residential, Partial Hospitalization (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) levels of care in the treatment of all eating disorder diagnoses.

I am dedicated to creating a healing space with mind/body health promoting interventions for my clients to live a healthier life beyond food and body preoccupations. I am honored, grateful and excited to work with you and help support you every step of the way to ease any fears or trepidations that can so often come with the healing process.

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