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At Food Ease Counseling, our inclusive nutrition counseling team is dedicated to providing body image healing and holistic wellness through evidence-based care.

Embrace Food Freedom: Healing Without Weight-Centric Goals

The Food Ease mission includes helping individuals heal their relationship with food that does NOT center around weight. Weight loss goals will be put aside during your work here (We promise you won’t even miss them).

Inclusive Nutrition Counseling: Welcoming All Body Sizes and Diverse Identities

People of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and especially, body sizes are welcome. This is a safe space for clients and our team members to prioritize continuing education to best serve diverse populations and identities.

Accessible Care for All: Sliding Scale Appointments Available

Lastly, we understand services may be needed, but not always accessible. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, or unable to access dietetic services, we offer sliding scale appointments. Please inquire within.

Weight-inclusive Nutrition Care.

Weight-inclusive care is an approach that prioritizes health and well-being without emphasizing weight to increase health-promoting behaviors.

Being informed about eating disorders equips dietitians with a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between nutrition and mental health. This expertise extends beyond eating disorders themselves, enabling us to effectively address co-occurring conditions such as digestive disorders, medical nutritional therapy, chronic conditions, and, of course, how mental health overlaps with these concerns.

You can read more about Health at Every Size from the association for size diversity and health here.

Digestive Disorders

Eating disorders often coincide with digestive issues due to disrupted eating patterns and nutritional deficiencies. By understanding the complex interplay between food intake, gut health, and overall well-being, eating disorder-informed dietitians can provide tailored dietary recommendations to alleviate symptoms and improve digestive health.

Medical Nutritional Therapy

Many medical conditions require specialized dietary interventions to manage symptoms and optimize health outcomes. Eating disorder-informed dietitians possess the knowledge and skills to develop personalized nutrition plans that accommodate medical needs while also addressing any challenges related to disordered eating behaviors or attitudes towards food.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune disorders often necessitate long-term dietary management. Our expertise in eating disorders allows us to approach these conditions holistically, considering not only the physiological aspects but also the psychological and behavioral factors that may impact dietary adherence and overall health.

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