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Food Ease was founded to simplify the maintenance of therapeutic relationships for dietitians in outpatient settings, facilitating the sharing of resources for both business management and client education and supervision. We’re always looking for ways to expand, increase access to resources, and get involved in the community

What You'll Gain from our team

Expanded Client Base and Insurance Access

By affiliating with Food Ease, dietitians can tap into a broader pool of potential clients. We accept various insurance plans, making nutrition services more accessible to a wider range of individuals. This means dietitians can reach more people who need their expertise without the barrier of payment concerns.

Streamlined Administrative Support

Food Ease takes care of all administrative tasks, from billing to appointment scheduling. This allows dietitians to focus solely on their clients’ needs and the actual practice of nutrition counseling. Removing administrative burdens frees up time and mental space, enabling dietitians to provide higher quality care.

Professional Growth and Community Engagement

Our platform not only facilitates client interaction but also provides space for other creative projects aimed at community engagement. Dietitians can explore various avenues such as workshops, seminars, or educational materials to reach a broader audience and make a difference in the community beyond one-on-one consultations.

Are You a student?

For nutrition and dietetic individuals who practice with weight-inclusive care and seek opportunities for involvement, Food Ease offers diverse avenues. Whether it’s forming groups, planning events, or engaging in special projects aligned with our values, there’s space for meaningful contributions. Join us to collaborate on initiatives promoting holistic health and inclusive practices within the nutrition community.

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