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Empowering you to trust your body again by building sustainable habits through Nutrition Counseling and Therapy. Check out the blog and free resources to get started.

Who We Are

Welcome to Food Ease!

Our committed clinicians are here to support you on a journey towards healing your relationship with food and your body. Our weight-inclusive space embraces diverse definitions of “health” to guide you towards holistic well-being.

Your Safe, Inclusive Space for Healing

At Food Ease, we understand that health and our relationships with food are deeply influenced by our diverse backgrounds and experiences. We aim to have a team of providers who share backgrounds with our clients, while also recognizing the varied identities and lived experiences we may not personally share. We acknowledge that bodies are political, and we don’t shy away from addressing this reality. In our nurturing environment, you’ll meet compassionate clinicians dedicated to guiding you through the journey of rebuilding your relationship with food, all while fostering self-acceptance.

Our dietitians are Eating Disorders-informed

Our dietitians are Eating Disorders-informed, which allows us to approach food counseling neutrally, reduce shame around eating, and navigate your health without judgment or focusing on weight loss.

Why Choose Us?


Reduce obsessive

food thoughts


Sustainably increase

health promoting behaviors


Foster a nourishing

connection with food & your body


Effectively navigate

the healthcare system

Our Services

Our dietitians specialize in eating disorders and practice through a weight-neutral, intuitive eating lens.

Weight Inclusive Nutrition Counseling and Therapy

Our dietitians specialize in eating disorders and practice through a weight-neutral, intuitive eating lens. We will help you build a strong relationship with your food and body by challenging disordered thoughts and behaviors and increasing health promoting behaviors.

Improve health without restriction or weight loss: Enhance well-being without dieting or focusing on weight loss.

Intuitive Eating with confidence: Regain trust in your food choices and body signals.

Develop a healthy relationship with food and body image: Foster a positive attitude toward food and body.

Reduce obsessive food thoughts: Decrease anxiety and obsessive thoughts about food.

Detach worth from number on scale: Feel worthy regardless of the scale's numbers.

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