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Fat Forward Business Directory

Welcome to the Fat Forward Business Directory, a community hub designed to empower our Food Ease clients and those seeking inclusive spaces and services on their journey to well-being. We believe that health is deeply personal, and achieving our goals requires a diverse array of resources and support. That’s why we’ve curated a directory of practitioners and businesses who align with our Fat Forward Provider Guidelines.

Fat Forward Providers

Dietitians/Nutrition practitioners

Promote Health at Every Size (HAES) principles and provide weight-inclusive counseling.


Provide compassionate care that prioritizes health outcomes rather than weight as the sole measure of well-being.

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Movement Instructors/Trainers

Offer inclusive and accessible movement options that prioritize enjoyment and well-being over weight loss.

Alternative Health Practitioners

Offer holistic approaches to health that respect and honor diverse body sizes and experiences.

Mental Health Therapists/Counselors

Practice from a weight-neutral perspective, addressing mental health concerns without focusing on body size.

What are the Fat Forward Provider Guidelines?

These guidelines prioritize weight inclusivity, body-neutral language, and a commitment to diversity. Each provider in our directory has been pre-vetted, or backed by our community, to ensure they offer safe and supportive environments that celebrate all body sizes and identities.

Health at Every Size (HAES): Embrace the HAES approach, focusing on holistic health rather than weight-centric outcomes.

Weight-Inclusive Practices: Provide care that is inclusive of individuals of all body sizes, without discrimination or bias.

Body-Neutral Language: Use language that is free from judgment or stigma related to body size, promoting acceptance and respect for all bodies.

Diverse Representation: Respect and celebrate diverse identities and experiences, creating inclusive environments that honor the intersections of identity.

Continuous Education: Stay informed about issues related to weight stigma, fatphobia, and body diversity, seeking opportunities for learning and growth.

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