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Dive into the transformative world of somatic regulation with this enlightening session led by Kristin Sheehan, LPCC. Explore the intuitive intelligence of the body and gain practical insights for cultivating a mindful and nourishing relationship with food, whether you’re on a personal journey or supporting others.


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In this 45-minute presentation, join Kristin for an enlightening exploration of somatic regulation’s role in addressing disordered eating. Discover the intuitive intelligence of the body, discerning its subtle cues through changes in breath, tactile sensations, and heightened awareness of different body parts.


Whether you’re striving towards personal goals related to food and eating, an eating disorder clinician seeking additional insights, or anyone interested in enhancing their relationship with food, this class offers invaluable information on regulating the eating experience and the surrounding processes.


Kristin Sheehan is a dedicated psychotherapist whose approach is fundamentally holistic, drawing from her own wellness journey as well as her formal psychological training. With a deep understanding that healing is a nonlinear and enigmatic process, Kristin emphasizes attention over prescription in her therapeutic practice. She believes in empowering individuals to develop greater tolerance for discomfort and uncertainty while fostering trust in the body’s innate ability to heal.


*transcript is available*


You can read more about Kristin’s services, experience, and upcoming events on her website here: https://www.kristinsheehan.com/

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