Hunger Fullness Scale

Read about Honoring Hunger in my blog post here.


Use this tool to measure how hungry and full you are before, during, and after meals.


Often people delay eating to the point where hunger levels drop to a zero. They are so hungry they’ll eat everything and anything and end up at a ten post-meal. Doing this can leave us painfully full and feeling sick.


In that moment of extreme hunger, we’re more likely to overeat and feelings of fullness go straight out the door. We end up beyond stuffed, bloated, and uncomfortable.


Ideally, you’d stay between a 4 and 7. This way, you’re eating before you get too hungry and stop before you’re too full. This prevents physical discomfort as well as reinforcing trust in your body and your body’s trust in you.


I hope this scale is useful for you to start identifying your hunger and get more in touch with your hunger cues. If this scale doesn’t quite fit how your hunger cues come up, I encourage you to make your own!


Cheers to honoring all hunger!



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