Declaring Your Independence from Diet Culture 


Happy Independence Day, also known as the day that the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence on this day, 246 years ago in 1776. 

Today and every day I challenge you to declare your independence from diet culture. Although it is much easier said than done, there are a few ways for you to declare your independence from diet culture today and every day. 


What to Wear on July 4th?

Anything red, white, blue, and comfortable. Today I challenge you to wear something that you have always wanted to wear but never felt like you could/should because of how you view your body. If we continue to try and challenge that annoying voice of diet culture in our heads making us feel like we are not worthy to wear certain things we may eventually not hear it. What clothes are comfortable on your body? What fabrics feel comfiest? What colors make you feel your best? Whatever your answer was to those questions is what you should be wearing. This July 4th and every day celebrate your unique body and all the amazing things it does for you every day.


Eating on Independence Day

Today will be filled with a lot of delicious food and fun events with friends and family. There may be a lot going on and it is okay if you are not as in tune with your hunger and fullness today as you normally are. Honoring hunger and fullness is not about obsession but rather respect. What is not okay is feeling like you have to make up for whatever you eat today. 


  1. It does not matter what you ate yesterday, today, or will eat tomorrow you deserve to eat. 
  2. It does not matter if you exercised yesterday, today, or will tomorrow you deserve to eat. Not only to eat but to enjoy the food you eat.


Declaring Your Independence from Diet Culture:

  • Not putting holiday foods on a pedestal: today you may be eating delicious foods that you don’t normally have. What is not okay is labeling these foods as good/bad or health/unhealthy. We know that there are no such things as good or bad foods. Labeling foods as such creates unhealthy relationships with food and the body. 
  • Saying “No Thank You”: there may be a lot of food present today. It is okay to politely turn down food if you feel as though you are comfortably full and not interested in eating more. If someone insists or if you really want to try the food but just aren’t hungry take some home with you to eat later when you are hungry again.
  • No Need to Save Up: this goes for any holiday, not just July 4th. Don’t go into a holiday thinking that you need to “save up” by eating little to nothing the day before or over-exercising. Your body is smart and knows how to use calories for energy. You never have to earn your food, EVER.
  • Walk Away from Diet Talk: In larger crowds, there will always be those people who bring up diet talk. Most of the time the best thing to do in these situations is to walk away. Hearing others talk negatively about food and the body can be very triggering and you have every right to walk away from the conversation if you do not feel like interjecting. 


Today and every day you have the right to enjoy your food without judgment, explanation, or worrying about the calories. 

Learning to eat intuitively again takes time and the process is not linear. If you find yourself needing a bit more encouragement or help with the Intuitive Eating Principles, the Food Ease team can help!

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